Personal use

We can use our drones for your private functions such as weddings.


You can use our drones in promotional, business or advertisings campaigns.

Low light Shoots

The cameras on our drones allow for low light and night-times shoots.

1080 HDR

HDR (high dynamic range) in 4K provides extraordinary quality photos and videos.

Drones offer a unique perspective that a traditional DSLR or professional camera cannot capture. The next time you turn on your TV, you might be shocked by how many advertisements now feature drone footage. With only a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, drones offer an innovative way of capturing an unforgettable sight.

Our aerial photos and videography service is a popular choice for corporate video productions. It’s also used in marketing material for independent brands and companies. The 1080p quality of our aerial photos and videos means you can utilise them for personal and commercial use. Whether you want to capture a unique view for your loved one or tell the story of your business, aerial videography is second to none.

The drones can fly from the ground up to several hundred feet, capturing breath-taking images without disturbing your neighbours or local community. For years, helicopters were considered the only way to capture a view from the sky. Drones are a cost-effective alternative that allows for real-time monitoring and targeted video. With a more wide-angle view, our drones can get closer than any helicopter could achieve.

Our drone pilots are regulated and authorised to operate under the Civil Aviation Authority.

Drone Photos and Videos

The footage from the drone is streamed down onto the remote controller, allowing you to direct the production to ensure we capture every aspect you want us to include in your video. You can get a taste of the finished product in real-time to allow you to stay in control of the production.

We can utilise the drones for in-door aerial photos and videography for areas such as warehouses and studios. We will ensure that we implement health and safety policies before any drones are allowed to fly in your indoor space.

Aerial Photography and Videography With Drones

Outdoor sporting events, tourist areas, and golf clubs are ideal locations for aerial videography, providing you with an innovative perspective to incorporate into marketing material and other advertising.

Our drone fleet is powered for hyperlapse videography, making them ideal for any business looking to capture a unique POV of their area. These professional aerial shots are ideal for use in your marketing material, whether it’s social media videos or brochure photography. The Mavic 2 drone produces enhanced HDR photos, giving you ultimate clarity for your photos without giving them an artificial appearance.

Aerial photography and videography are ideal for either commercial or personal use. It’s becoming a popular choice for adding charisma to advertising. You might decide to give an aerial video of your home as a gift to a family member. The HyperLight set-up within the Mavic 2 makes it ideal for low-light situations, allowing for beautiful night-time photography and footage.

You can find out more about our drone surveillance services by getting in touch with our team. We can help you put together a tailored drone package that meets the needs of your project or security concerns.

Drones are an invaluable asset, opening the skies and gathering data vital to any project’s success.