transmission DISTANCE

15km transmission.

Sensing & Positioning

6 Options Available.


Max Speed 23m/s.

extreme temperatures

Minus 20 to 50 degrees.

The iconic DJI Matrice 300 is “built tough, works smart”. It’s the new standard for commercial drones, inspired by the latest innovation in aviation systems. This drone is one of the most powerful in the industry and is a crucial part of our fleet.

Several bespoke features showcase the true power and capability of the Matrice 300 RTK. Identify and follow moving subjects like people, vehicles, and boats with the Smart Track function, where auto-zoom is applied for steady tracking and viewing. The dynamic location is continuously acquired and shared to another remote controller or the DJI FlightHub app.

Mark an object in camera or map view with a quick tap. Advanced sensor fusion algorithms will immediately calculate its coordinates and project them to all camera views as an AR icon. The location is automatically shared with another remote controller or to online platforms.

Our drone pilots are regulated and authorised to operate under the Civil Aviation Authority.

More Information about the DJI Matrice 300

This model offers up to 55 minutes of flight time with advanced AI capabilities. This drone combines the latest intelligence technology with high-performance and unrivalled reliability. The DJI Matrice 300 is our first choice for search and rescue and surveillance, as it offers a 15km transmission distance, with six directional sensing and positioning options. This drone can operate in extreme temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees.

DJI Matrice 300 Drone

The Matrice 300 allows for enhanced flight performance, even in harsh conditions. It offers a wind resistance of 15m/s and a max speed of 23m/s, with a 7000m service ceiling. Its multiple payload configurations mean up to three payloads can be simultaneously attached to this drone, with a maximum capacity of 2.7kg.

It’s the most adaptable drone in our fleet, lending itself to everything from drone surveys to surveillance and crowd control management. Read on to find out more about how these drones work with our five essential drone services.