No need for a team of surveyors, engineers & contractors.

3d mapping

Get detailed images and videos of your land, boundaries and property.


Zero risks to send drones to great heights or into derelict buildings.

time is money

Speed up your surveying process with this innovative solution.

Whether you’re building a new home or investigating the potential of a site, drone surveys are an invaluable asset. You may see them referred to as ‘aerial surveys’ or ‘UAV surveys’. They’re the quickest and most cost-efficient way of getting a view of your property or area from the sky. Drone surveys are becoming a common request within construction to carry out roof inspections and view inaccessible structures in the property.

Drones give you unique access to the area without safety concerns. It’s also a more affordable way of carrying out site surveying as it doesn’t involve multiple engineers or contractors. Other valuable drone surveys include transmission towers and powerlines, eliminating the risk of sending a person to such heights.

One of our drone surveys’ most popular services is land mapping. Drones can capture valuable data from the air while being easy to integrate into your surveying program to provide the information needed for 3D mapping. We can work with your company/business to offer our land mapping services throughout your construction and development projects. Land mapping is essential to establish the boundaries of a property and facilitate the streamlining of site planning and programming. With time being valuable on any project, drones can speed up the process and utilise the latest technological innovation.

Our drone pilots are regulated and authorised to operate under the Civil Aviation Authority.

Aerial & Land Surveying

Drones are superior to their manual counterparts and can reach vantage points that are physically inaccessible to humans. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) or drones are safer to use and can be controlled from over 10km away using the pilot’s remote controller with a live feed. Unlike manual mapping, drones offer a surveying opportunity that is safer, quicker, and more cost-effective.

Our drone systems can be utilised to create both 2D and 3D mapping, along with 3D models and thermal mapping for projects of any kind.

Drone Surveys & 3D Mapping

If you’re looking to make savings on your programme or speed up your development process, drone surveys are safer and more time-effective than traditional manual surveying. Our drone fleet offers you the same view as a helicopter at a lower cost. Instead of investing in access platforms or scaffolding, a drone survey can do the same job in a significant time frame and without the health and safety risks.

Drone surveys can help create a 2D and 3D mapping with 360-degree aerial panoramas that can be utilised for construction sites and commercial properties. These surveys can also help estate agents with selling their properties.

The advanced intelligence in our Matrice 300 drone makes it our go-to choice for surveys. Its live mission recording feature allows you to track zoom level, gimbal orientation, and photoshoot for automated inspections of properties and sites. With our drones, you’ll get an unparalleled 360-degree view of your space without any obstructions. We recommend the Matrice 300 drone for surveys as it utilises AI spot-check, which allows the onboard AI program to recognise subjects and identify them for consistent framing.

No property is inaccessible or too high for our drones to reach. As a UAV, a drone is the latest in survey innovation. Our drones collect a wealth of data and information that a manual inspection would not be able to gather. Our drones can get up close and personal with the property or site with both photography and videography.

Construction Survey

Within the construction industry, drones are essential for Building Information Modelling. The information gathered during a drone deployment can help you identify any discrepancies that exist within your planning program and drawings to limit mistakes on-site and prevent any loss of time or capital. We’ll work with you to identify the best flight plan for your project so that you receive all the information and data you need to execute your project, whether it’s a private development or commercial project.

Depending on your project, we can work with you to identify critical areas to focus the survey on, ensuring all essential elements are included. Drone surveying can provide valuable information, including monitoring the progress of your construction work and inspecting high-laying assets. The GPS positioning is ideal for more significant properties and farmland to identify specific areas of the land.