Rapid Response

We deploy at speed from our mobile command unit.

Missing Person

We can assist in searches for missing & vulnerable people.

Lost Pets

Lost or stolen pets can be searched for from the air.

Land or Sea

We can also deploy out over lakes, rivers and the sea.

Whether it’s a lost pet or a missing family member, drones are becoming the first line of tactical support for search and rescue missions. The technology is already being deployed by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, showing the potential of these small UAV’s to speed up rescue times and provide a positive outcome. Agencies are utilising these drones in partnership with helicopters to give a complete picture look of what’s happening from the sky.

When a search and rescue mission is necessary, making every second count is vital. Our team can rapidly deploy drones to targeted areas to search for the missing individual or animal. Drones can be the difference between life and death. They can ensure the individual or asset is found before any harm can come to them.

Our drones can be utilised for private search and rescue missions or in partnership with local authorities to support their broader efforts to find the individual or asset. The advanced technology in our drones makes them ideal for use both in the daytime and low-light situations for 24/7 monitoring.

Our drone pilots are regulated and authorised to operate under the Civil Aviation Authority.

Missing Persons, Animals or Stolen Vehicles

Whether it’s finding a missing child or locating a stolen car, our drones are an invaluable service to our clients in their hour of need. We offer the latest in drone technology without our fleet, which can be utilised both on land and at sea for a full search and rescue mission.

Our drones’ signature OcuSync 2.0 video transmission technology allows for a 10km 1080p video feed, ideal for search and rescue tasks. The 5.8 GHz real-time auto-switching and fast downloading speed will enable you to monitor the feed in real-time, with unparalleled image quality.

Search and Rescue Drones

Our Matrice 300 drone is our go-to choice for search and rescue tasks, as it is powered with a 15km transmission distance. The OcuSync Enterprise system within this model supports triple-channel 1080sp video, with real-time auto-switching between 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz to create a more reliable flight. Our search and rescue drones have AES-256 encryption for secure data transmission to keep your footage and information safe.

This drone model also offers smart pin and tracking technology. The system’s advanced sensor fusion algorithms will calculate the coordinates at a tap of the screen. This information is projected to all viewers of the drone footage and being automatically shared to the remote controller. These features allow for a speedy recovery and a successful conclusion to any search and rescue mission.